The Best Instagram Spots in Brooklyn for Amazing Photos

Sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

Are you looking for the perfect Insta shot in Brooklyn? Well, read on for the best Instagram spots in Brooklyn for amazing photos.

As a Brooklyn native, I’m partial to the borough's distinctive beauty and captivating locations. Brooklyn truly has it all: iconic skyline views, gorgeous parks, and incredible street art. Even after 30-plus years, Brooklyn still enchants me with all the spectacular places and scenery. 

While Brooklyn is now on most Instagram feeds, only a few areas are visited and considered photographable. (I'm looking at you Dumbo!) Undoubtedly, these spots are stunning and part of this post, but I wanted to go beyond that. Showcase some of the less Insta-famous places that are just as beautiful. I promise that all these spots are incredibly photogenic and picturesque, and you'll leave with amazing photos. 

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The Best Instagram Spots in Brooklyn for Amazing Photos

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most iconic spot in Brooklyn, perhaps in all of New York City. It is an architectural masterpiece known for its striking design and spectacular views of Manhattan. At nearly 150 years since its completion, this National Historic Landmark is renowned for its innovative construction and the Gothic revival style arches that connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. The combination of unique architecture with magnificent views makes the bridge one of the most photographable locations. 

When photographing the Brooklyn Bridge, experiment with various angles. Use the cables as leading lines for incredible composition, have the arches at the center, and take some photos from the side of the bridge for the skyline. Capture different perspectives of the bridge as either the focus or the background. There's also no wrong way to see the bridge, starting from Brooklyn or Manhattan, the views are breathtaking. However, when taking photos face the camera toward Manhattan for the best vantage point. 

Couple kissing on the Brooklyn Bridge, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

The best time of day to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge is at sunrise. There are little to no crowds, and the light of the rising sun casts a golden glow upon the arches that is truly spectacular. Sunset is also perfect for capturing Instagram shots, but crowds gather on the bridge for this. If possible, avoid late morning to mid-day when the Brooklyn Bridge is at its busiest. Whether you're a lifelong New Yorker or visiting for the first time, the Brooklyn Bridge provides the setting for the most amazing photos. 

Google Maps Location (Entrance From Brooklyn)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Except for cherry blossom season, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an underrated gem with plenty of stunning photo spots no matter the time of year. It's often overlooked compared to more popular areas like Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, but this garden is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Brooklyn. There are endless Instagrammable opportunities throughout the garden, from the flowers in bloom to the lovely ponds and indoor greenhouse. 

During spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the garden transforms into a magical wonderland of bright pink trees. Their cherry esplanade lawn lined with double rows of vivid cherry trees creates an enchanting background for photos at any angle. In the fleeting period of peak bloom, BBG becomes extremely crowded, and it’s required to purchase entry tickets beforehand. I recommend visiting on a weekday or right as they open on weekends to avoid the massive crowds. For the rest of the year, the crowds are manageable.

Cherry blossoms Brooklyn botanic garden.
Cherry Esplanade at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Besides the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s famous cherry blossom trees, there are plenty of other notable picture-worthy flowers to see including orchids, magnolias, wisteria, and roses. The blooms aren't the only Instagrammable feature either, Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, plus the conservatory pavilions are incredible spots for gorgeous photos. 

Google Maps Location

Woman standing in front of cherry blossoms at cherry blossom at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Green-Wood Cemetery

One of the most picturesque places in all of Brooklyn is Green-Wood Cemetery. With 478 acres to explore, this National Historic Landmark founded in 1838, is filled with photo opportunities and glimpses into New York history. From the impressive landscape of century-old trees that flourish with cherry blossoms and magnolias in the spring and turn into a foliage wonderland in the fall, to the Gothic and Romanesque architecture in sculptures, monuments, and mausoleums that cover the grounds, there is beauty to discover at every turn. 

Green-Wood Cemetery, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

For one of the best Instagram shots, head to Battle Hill for incredible skyline views in the distance. Wander through Green-Wood for amazing photos with seasonal landscapes and notable or architecturally stunning graves and mausoleums. Additionally, the massive Gothic revival main gate at the 25th Street entrance is phenomenal as a subject or in the background for photos. Green-Wood is free to enter with free parking. However, there are some incredible tours available, especially during spooky season. 

Google Maps Location (Main Entrance)

Coney Island Beach and Luna Park

While North Brooklyn is considered the Brooklyn Instagram spot, you don't want to miss heading south to one of the most iconic places in NYC, Coney Island. As someone who lived near Coney Island for over 25 years, it has a special place in my heart. One of my favorite places to take pictures in all of NYC is Luna Park, the rides and bright flashing signs are fun and joyful scenery. Out of all the spots here, nothing tops the iconic Wonder Wheel. This is the Insta shot to take in Coney Island whether standing far away from it or up close, this New York landmark is perfect for photos. The vibrant game booths also have a distinctive appeal for photography in the park. 

Admittedly, Coney Island Beach isn't the prettiest beach in the world, but what makes it such a perfect Insta spot is the view of Luna Park in the background when facing away from the water. The nearly 3-mile-long boardwalk also has plenty of picture-worthy places, especially when capturing the tall parachute jump and colorful storefronts as a backdrop. Vivid hole-in-the-wall eateries and quirky art cover the boardwalk and Luna Park. There are interesting photo perspectives wherever you look. 

For unique pictures, plan a visit during the mermaid parade in June. The fun displays and wild costumes make for a background like no other in the city. Additionally, in the summer, Coney Island puts on a fireworks display every Friday night for amazing photos by the amusement park. 

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Washington Street 

What would any list of the best photo locations not just in Brooklyn, but all of NYC be without the most Instagrammable street included, the famous Washington Street. At the intersection of Washington and Water Street in Dumbo is the iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge framing the Empire State Building. The scene is picturesque, complete with a lovely cobblestone street and surrounded by red brick buildings. It's a breathtaking view in an urban setting that photographers around the globe seek to capture. Washington Street has been featured in countless TV shows and movies, it's no wonder this is now the most Instagrammed spot in Brooklyn.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge view at sunset.

For the best photos and experience, come before 8 am. There are fewer crowds, and fewer people in your shot, and the light is perfect in the early morning. From mid-morning through sunset, the street is packed with visitors. Crowds get intense, so the earlier you arrive, the better. Also, when taking photos, please be mindful of cars as this is an active street. 

Google Maps Location

Washington Street, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Brooklyn Bridge Park has the best views in Brooklyn, with a different photo spot at every turn. At 85 acres, the park showcases spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline, and the Manhattan Bridge. Second to Dumbo’s famous Washington Street, this is one of the most photographed locations in Brooklyn and draws large crowds each day throughout the year. Rightfully so, considering that Brooklyn Bridge Park is undoubtedly the most beautiful area in Brooklyn. There are Instagrammable spots not to miss, like Pebble Beach, Pier 1, and Jane’s Carousel. However, there isn't a single space here that's not incredible for photos. 

Couple looking at each other at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1.

For a less crowded experience and fewer people in your photos, come before 8 am and avoid weekends if possible. Still, it's worth contending with the masses for sunset as it's a spectacular sight against the East River and skyline. Stroll along the various piers, down to Pier 6 for different perspectives and sights. The further down you wander, the less crowded it is. The unique Max Family Garden by St. Ann’s Warehouse is a scenic spot for photos with the lush greenery and red brick backdrop, but also check out the less popular garden labyrinth at Pier 3 for fun pictures. One could easily spend hours roaming the various park areas and taking photos. Have fun with different vantage points and soak up Brooklyn's impressive beauty. 

Best Photo Spots in Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Pebble Beach 
  • Jane’s Carousel 
  • Pier 1 & Old Pier 1
  • St. Ann’s Warehouse & The Max Family Garden 
  • Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
  • John Street Park

Google Maps Location (Pier 1)

Couple holding puppy on Pebble Beach in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Pebble Beach (Also baby Leia!)

Squibb Bridge 

Since its reopening in 2020, Squibb Bridge has quickly become an Instagram sensation. This lovely footbridge allows access between Squibb Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Not only is it a convenient way to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park, but it's also a gorgeous location. Squibb Bridge showcases jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan skyline in a setting unlike any other. During the spring and summer the scene is framed by lush trees on each side, and in the fall transforms into a gorgeous foliage display. At night, the bridge shines with small lights that set it aglow with the twinkling skyline in the background. For the best Instagram shots, consider visiting at twilight when there is still some light in the sky. 

Google Maps Location

Domino Park

Brooklyn’s popular Williamsburg neighborhood has its fair share of photo spots, including vibrant murals, scenic parks, rooftop hotels, and the seasonal Smorgasburg market. Any of these places can provide ample opportunities for Instagram-worthy pictures, but none compare to Domino Park. While the views from other parks in the area, like Bushwick Inlet Park, are impressive, Domino Park has it all. This 5-acre park has incredible views across the East River, fun recreational activities, and even a seasonal taco stand. 

Domino Park now stands on what was once part of the historic Domino Sugar Refinery and was named after it. The refinery opened in the mid-1800s, and part of the structure still stands today with the Domino Sugar sign. Running along the waterfront, Domino Park has continuous views of the Manhattan skyline across the East River and the Williamsburg Bridge. With an eye-catching background for great photos, this picturesque park in Williamsburg is a place not to miss for Instagram shots. 

Google Maps Location

Woman smiling at Domino Park in Brooklyn.

Prospect Park

As one of Brooklyn’s best parks and the second largest at 526 acres, Prospect Park is a gorgeous setting for photography. Yet, visitors often skip over the park's natural beauty for more popular locations in the borough. Prospect Park is a local favorite, most weekends it's packed with residents walking their dogs, bird-watching, playing sports, or soaking up the lovely surroundings with a stroll. While the park is fantastic for recreational activities and relaxing walks, it also has distinct features scattered throughout for scenic photos. 

Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn.

Prospect Park has several photogenic sites, but I find the eastern and southern ends to have the best ones. On the east side of the park, there is the stunning Boathouse, one of NYC’s first historic landmarks that is perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures. Traveling south is the park's beautiful lake and The Peristyle, a gorgeous columned structure. Both of these are incredible backdrops for photos. At the northern end is Grand Army Plaza, a memorial arch with magnificent architecture that's an impressive sight to behold. However, it's the park's hidden gems and less dramatic elements that make it so special for photography, from the various arches to the diverse flowering blooms. 

Best Photo Spots in Prospect Park

  • Grand Army Plaza
  • The Boathouse
  • Lullwater Bridge
  • Prospect Park Lake 
  • The Peristyle
  • Endale Arch
  • Meadowport Arch

Google Maps Location (Grand Army Plaza)

Brooklyn Heights Promenade 

The promenade in Brooklyn Heights is a 1/3-mile platform over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and provides unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. The views stretch out as far as the eye can see, reaching even the Statue of Liberty. It doesn't attract the same crowds as Brooklyn Bridge Park since it’s more of a neighborhood attraction, but it has some of the best views in the city. The promenade has historical and cultural significance. One home served as headquarters by George Washington during the Battle of Long Island. It's also been a filming location for classic movies like Annie Hall. 

Sunset at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

There are multiple entrances to the promenade, but to walk the entire length of it, enter at starting points on either end at Remsen or Orange Street. The other entrances along the promenade are at Clark, Pineapple, Montague, and Pierrepont Streets. Any of these points along the promenade will have similar views and incredible scenery for photos. For a striking shot, try visiting at sunset when the sky is a mosaic of vibrant orange hues reflecting on the water and skyline. Whether facing east, west, or straight on, the promenade provides an exquisite background for photos.

Google Maps Location (Remsen Street Entrance)

Woman looking away at sunset on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights Fruit Streets 

Brooklyn Heights, like its Dumbo neighbor, is a stunning area filled with Instagrammable places. Even after all these years of living here, one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is wander through the charming side streets. Of them, the three fruit streets are some of the best. The fruit streets are Cranberry, Pineapple, and Orange Streets and they run parallel to one another. These lovely blocks are lined with historic brownstone homes and carriage houses. The area is both tranquil and picturesque, setting an incredible scene for photos. It's so beautiful that it's been used as a movie location for iconic films like Moonstruck. 

Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

There are conflicting stories as to how the streets got their name, but I like to believe the one where Lady Middagh, an aristocrat and resident in the 19th century thought that naming streets after wealthy aristocratic families was pretentious. So one night she took the street names down and switched them for her favorite fruits. Whether true or not, it simply adds to the allure of this unique and lovely section of Brooklyn. The blocks end in the Fruit Street sitting area with skyline views, which are also incredible as a backdrop. 

Google Maps Location (Pineapple Street)

Brooklyn Heights Fruit Streets, women standing against building.

Time Out Market

Located in Dumbo, steps away from Jane’s Carousel, Pebble Beach, and all the incredible lookouts along Brooklyn Bridge Park, is the Time Out Market. Inside the Empire Stores Warehouse is a two-story food hall with dozens of options for dining and drinks. Plus there are also shops. While a warehouse filled with eateries and stores might not seem like the perfect place for photos, it's the top floor rooftop that makes this one of the best Instagram spots. 

Time Out Market in Dumbo Brooklyn.

The view from the rooftop terrace offers a fantastic vantage point of the Brooklyn Bridge, the skyline, and even Janes Carousel. It offers a perspective above that creates a lovely close-up background for pictures. No reservation or entry fee is required to visit the rooftop. Best of all you can grab a delicious meal with a view after taking all the Insta-worthy shots. 

Google Maps Location

Time Out Market, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

Mosaic House (Wyckoff Street)

A single house in the Cobble Hill area has a work of art covering it on an otherwise unremarkable block. Making this Brooklyn's most distinctive home. Located on the brownstone-lined Wyckoff Street, the Mosaic House offers a reprieve from the brown neutrality with a vibrant display of color and art that celebrates life. The townhouse’s owner and artist transformed the residence into a sparkling mosaic of odds and ends. The gorgeous work of art was created by a combination of tile fragments, buttons, shells, jewelry, and everything in between.  

Up close shot of the Mosaic House.

You can look at it, take photos, and even touch the art. The owners only ask that you do not take anything. So please respect that request when visiting. This quirky Brooklyn house is perfect for Instagram photos either on its own or as a fun background. It's a place meant to be photographed and enjoyed. 

Google Maps Location

Mosaic House in Brooklyn for amazing photos.

Bushwick Collective

The Bushwick Collective is an outdoor art gallery located in none other than the Bushwick neighborhood. This free outdoor attraction is a collection of one-of-a-kind stunning street murals. Designed by some of the world's most famous street artists and locals alike, there are countless pieces of artwork for everyone to see and enjoy. The murals are photographable on their own, but plenty also make for a creative Instagram background. Half the fun is discovering the photographable art. 

Bushwick Collective street art murals.

Tours are available for the Bushwick Collective, but it's an accessible space and easy enough to navigate wandering the mural-lined streets on your own. The best place to start is between Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. If you search for Bushwick Collective on Google Maps, this is the exact location that appears. From there, the street art displays extend in every direction to surprise and delight visitors. With new art continually added it's perfect to keep returning to. 

Google Maps Location

Flower mural at Bushwick Collective with woman posing.

Brooklyn Bookstores

One of the most underrated Brooklyn Instagram spots isn't a single place, but the lovely bookstores in the borough. For readers, there is a wide range of independent shops to choose from, but for the best photo opportunities, the two bookstores not to miss are Books Are Magic and The Ripped Bodice. Both stores have adorable displays for fun photos. 

Books Are Magic mural, best Instagram spots in Brooklyn.

Books Are Magic has a giant mural on the side of the building that is the perfect Instagram photo op for book lovers. The Ripped Bodice is brimming with Instagrammable scenery, from walls covered in pages, beautiful floral-decorated nooks, and books that look like they're flying from the ceiling. The one opportunity not to miss is the velvet seats before the massive display of gorgeous books on the back wall with the store's sign and floral touches. Plus, each of these shops has an outstanding selection of books to choose from after taking cute photos. 

Google Maps Location: Books Are Magic and The Ripped Bodice

Final Thoughts

Brooklyn has Instagram-worthy spots all across the borough. These photographable places have scenic views, unique features, and beautiful nature and architecture. There is also immense history in many of these places, with fun to have. I encourage anyone visiting to truly enjoy them after taking photos. 

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