Last Minute Gifts for the Adventure Traveler in Your Life

Adventure Traveler backpack, last minute gift.

If you're looking for last-minute gifts for the adventure traveler in your life, look no further. Read on for a list of gifts and stocking stuffers that adventurers will love.

With the holidays quickly approaching, time is running out to purchase gifts for our loved ones. December has a funny way of moving at 2x speed compared to the rest of the year. Holiday gifting can often feel overwhelming when you aren't sure what to get. Of course, this leads to procrastination and the dreaded last-minute gift-buying rush to get it done in time. I'm notorious for this with my husband since he's so picky.

Adventure travelers, like my husband and I, might seem difficult to shop for as we prefer experiences over stuff. However, there are gift options to benefit the outdoor activities adventure travelers love. There's everything from must-have gear to fun accessories. These gifts will resonate with the spirit of adventure and delight the outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

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Rocky Mountains Dream Lake Hike, last minute gifts for the adventure traveler in your life.

Last Minute Gifts for the Adventure Traveler in Your Life


A backpack is a practical last-minute gift that adventurers will love. Whether it's a spacious multi-compartment backpack ideal for extensive backpacking trips or a compact and comfortable bag perfect for day hikes, they make for a thoughtful gift that will be used frequently. There are endless backpacks available, but pick one based on the outdoor activity the adventure traveler in your life takes part in. This doesn't have to be an expensive gift either, there are plenty of loved and highly reviewed backpacks under $100. Various backpacks cater to different types of travel, making it beneficial for adventurers to have a diverse collection of bags in their wardrobe, each tailored to the specific requirements of their upcoming trips. I seek out stylish, comfortable, and affordable backpacks, making them the perfect gift.

Backpack Options:

  1. Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Hiking Backpack
  2. WATERFLY Crossbody Sling Backpack 
View from Stony Man Trail.

You can find my small North Face backpack here.

National Park Scratch-off Map

America's national parks are some of the most beloved places for outdoor enthusiasts. They contain epic hikes, breathtaking scenery, and beautiful glimpses of wildlife. This national parks map allows adventure travelers to scratch off all the parks they’ve visited so far. It combines the enjoyment of a fun activity with a unique home decoration, making it an ideal addition to the home of a national park enthusiast. The map is easy to hang up, something the whole family can enjoy, and a wonderful reminder of past adventures. I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband two years ago, and it always fills us with joy to scratch off the latest park we’ve had the privilege to visit.

National Park Scratch-off Map Options:

  1. Enno Vatti US National Parks Scratch Off Poster
  2. Epic Adventure Maps US National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Travel Journal

A travel journal is the perfect gift for the adventurer who loves to keep track of their experiences. Outdoor enthusiasts can record completed hikes, capture wildlife sightings, and note the most memorable moments in their adventures to cherish forever. It’s affordable, practical, and comes with a wide variety of options to choose from. A leather journal, in particular, is a sturdy and elegant choice adventurers can appreciate.

Travel Journal Options:

  1. Refillable Adventure Writing Journal
  2. Lamare Travel Journal For Women

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Adventure lovers everywhere know the speakers on their phones can only do so much when listening to music outdoors. A portable Bluetooth speaker is a game changer for smoother quality listening and volume options. Additionally, some are waterproof for activities out on the water. Some fellow hikers may be cautious about this gift, as portable speakers can be disruptive on the trail. However, in a secluded spot or at a campsite, they are fun and convenient to use. There are countless brands and models to choose from ranging in price, but most have similar capabilities with only slight differences in quality. Portable Bluetooth speakers are an easy and thoughtful last-minute gift that outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Options:

  1. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker
  2. JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


If you’re looking for a gift that will surprise and wow the adventure traveler in your life, consider getting them a GoPro. These small but durable point-and-shoot cameras capture incredible action photos and videos. A GoPro is ideal for extreme outdoor sports that are fast-moving, such as snowboarding and mountain biking. It’s also suitable for any adventure activity without the fear of producing blurry images. GoPros are compact and sturdy with waterproof capabilities, wide lenses, and tough frames while still capturing high-quality photos. Different models are available on the market, but the Hero line receives high reviews. This is the most expensive item on this list, but it’s a quality item that gift receivers will treasure.

GoPro Options:

  1. GoPro HERO11
  2. GoPro HERO12

Phone Tripod

For those who prefer capturing photos of their adventures with a phone over a traditional camera, a phone tripod makes a fantastic gift. Not everyone is savvy with a fancy camera or can afford the cost of one, myself included. Plus, smartphones nowadays take incredible photos, sometimes on par with a high-quality camera. A phone tripod allows solo travelers to take photos of themselves that are not a selfie. Couples and families can have pictures together without asking another person to take them. It’s so handy that I don’t go on an adventure without mine now.

Couple at lake in the Rocky Mountains, photo taken with a tripod as a last minute gift for adventure travelers.


There’s nothing quite like finding a peaceful spot in nature for adventure enthusiasts. So why not take that feeling up a notch and relax on a hammock in nature, wherever and whenever? Give the gift of relaxation and comfort anywhere with a portable hammock. This is a great item to bring for camping, hiking, and backpacking. There's no assembly required, and the whole family can enjoy it. The adventure traveler in your life will surely love it and get plenty of use out of it.

Packing Cubes

Just because someone loves to travel and go on adventures, doesn’t mean they love to pack for them. I include myself in this group as I detest packing. However, since I started using packing cubes for my trips, I’ve learned to hate packing a little less. These cubes are practical for organizing belongings and effective at easily finding where everything is packed. They make any type of travel packing easier and less stressful. There are various sized sets to meet individual needs, but all are affordably priced. This is an easy last-minute gift to get for any adventure traveler.

Packing Cubes Options:

  1. Veken 8 Set Packing Cubes for Suitcases
  2. BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes


Early morning hikers know the secret to getting the best view is to start on the trail before the sun rises. Sunset chasers share a similar experience with evening hikes. What they share in common is hiking in the dark, and for that a headlamp is necessary. Not only is this a great gift for day hikers, but also for campers and backpackers as a safety precaution. A headlamp frees up outdoor adventurers' hands for anything they might need to hold, such as a map, hiking poles, and even bear spray. This is a helpful and inexpensive gift that also provides safety for the adventurer in your life.

Sunrise Hike. A headlamp as a last minute gift for adventure travelers.

Insulated Water Bottle

Regardless of the outdoor activity, every adventurer always needs water. Whether it’s biking, climbing, or hiking, carrying water is necessary in all seasons to stay hydrated and safe. An insulated water bottle is the perfect last-minute gift to get as an outdoor lover can never have enough water bottles, and this one in particular keeps water cold. The bottle is reusable, affordable, and comes in multiple sizes for every need. I collect water bottles now but always welcome a new one for different adventures. It's a gift an adventurer can always appreciate.

Insulated Water Bottle Options:

  1. HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
  2. IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle 

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Hiking Socks Set

What better way to fill a stocking than with socks? Not just any socks though, you’ll want to gift the adventurer in your life with hiking socks. These socks are essential for any type of hiking and rock climbing activity. They help keep moisture away from your feet, which prevents blisters and shoe odor. The socks also provide easier mobility in outdoor settings, making them a helpful gift. I suggest a multi-pack of hiking socks to fill up someone’s stocking.

Portable Charger

One item that every traveler can use is a portable charger. While it comes in handy for every type of travel, it’s especially important for the outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, camping, rock climbing, or going out on the water, a portable charger is an essential item. It was my most used gadget on my first trip to Iceland. These small devices recharge a phone without the need for an outlet. They’re the perfect size for a stocking and are a great value.

4-in-1 Camping Utensils

For the camper, backpacker, or fisher in your life, consider 4-in-1 camping utensils for a stocking stuffer. This small nifty gadget includes a fork, spoon, bottle opener, and knife. Its compact size allows outdoor adventurers to easily stow it in their pocket or bag. This a great value gift that any camper will appreciate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, adventure travelers appreciate useful gifts, reasonably priced, and add to the fun of outdoor activities. The adventurer in your life will love any of these gifts. They'll know that you've gotten them something that's related to their passion for the outdoors. At the end of the day, it's the thought that counts, even when it's a last-minute gift.

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