Iceland's Game of Thrones Locations: A Fan’s Ultimate Guide

Skogafoss in Iceland, filming location in Game of Thrones.

If you're planning a trip to Iceland and hope to see the incredible landscapes featured on Game of Thrones, then read on for Iceland's Game of Thrones Locations: A Fan’s Ultimate Guide. 

Iceland is an otherworldly place with dramatic scenery and ethereal beauty. From massive glaciers to volcanic eruptions, it's no wonder the country is called the land of fire and ice. It's unsurprising then that Game of Thrones, inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, would utilize these locations for the show that became a phenomenon. This country, filled with natural wonders, brought the Seven Kingdoms to life. Both enthusiastic fans and casual viewers of GOT can appreciate the settings of Beyond the Wall, The North, and so many others. 

Way before Game of Thrones first graced our screens, I wanted to visit Iceland. However, once the show was filmed in Iceland, I became obsessed with visiting the stunning country. The show featured many iconic Icelandic destinations in pivotal scenes and as background settings. 

As a die-hard fan, I spent over a decade dreaming of visiting all the places I had seen in one of my favorite shows. Now that I made that dream come true, I wanted to share all of Iceland’s Game of Thrones locations for any fan to plan their Iceland vacation. 

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Thingvellir National Park panoramic view in Iceland.
Thingvellir National Park

Where in Iceland Was Game of Thrones Filmed?

Various Game of Thrones scenes were shot around the country throughout the series 8 season run. Filming locations included southern and northern areas of Iceland, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and the Golden Circle regions. The show utilized these breathtaking places to represent Westeros' rugged and dramatic landscapes. Luckily, many of these filming spots are easily accessible via the Ring Road or other convenient routes. Plenty of the locations are also sought-after tourist attractions, such as Thingvellir National Park and Reynisfjara Beach, which makes visiting these destinations perfect to add to any Iceland itinerary. 

Which Game of Thrones Seasons Were Filmed in Iceland?

GOT began filming in Iceland in Season 2 to depict the wintery settings of the lands Beyond the Wall when the Wildlings capture Jon Snow. The show continued to film in different areas in Iceland to showcase Westeros' varying lands. Even in the final season, they added new filming locations in the stunning country. I have a lot of thoughts about the final season, but one thing I can't deny is how gorgeous the scenery was. 

Game of Thrones Iceland Filming Locations

Warning: Spoilers are coming! This list will discuss scenes in the final season, so if you haven't finished the series, you might want to save this for later after finishing. 

1. Thingvellir National Park

One of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions is the Golden Circle. This is due to its short distance from Reykjavik, and the attractions are close to one another. The three main sites visited along the Golden Circle route are Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir geothermal area, and Thingvellir National Park (Þingvellir). The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and rift valley with unique geological features where the Eurasian and North American Tectonic plates slowly pull apart each year. Þingvellir National Park is also where several season 4 Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. 

In Þingvellir National Park, the show used the Öxarárfoss Trail for the Bloody Gate scene en route to the Vale. It was featured as the entrance to the Eyrie in two episodes, once with Littlefinger and Sansa and again when the Hound takes Arya. Though the gate was added with CGI, the rocky surroundings are just as impressive in real life. In season 4, Þingvellir also serves as the background for a Wildling scene when Ygritte and Tormund Giantsbane meet Styr, the leader of the Thenns tribe, aka the cannibals. Also in the park is Þingvellirvatn, Iceland's largest natural lake, and the scene where Arya set sail for Bravos. 

Season Filmed: 4th Season 
Distance from Reykjavik: 28 miles
Location Coordinates: 64.265786, -21.117796

Thingvellir national park trail in Iceland.

2. Hengill and Nesjavellir Geothermal Field

Near Thingvellir National Park, located 10 minutes south, is the active volcano, Hengill. During season 4 of Game of Thrones, on the trail from the Nesjavellir geothermal field to Hengill, the epic fight between the Hound and Brienne of Tarth occurred. This brutal and pivotal scene in episode 10 showcased the skills of these two warriors surrounded by Iceland's dramatic scenery. In the background, the volcanic rock and massive hills are visible while swords clash, creating a perfect backdrop to intensify the heated moment. 

The hike begins at the geothermal area and is a 7.3-mile loop trail. It is rated hard, and strenuous with 2,208 feet of elevation gain. The path is steep but well worth the reward with continuous impressive views. 

Season Filmed: 4th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 28 miles 
Location Coordinates: 64°06′29″N, 21°15′23″W

Nesjavellir power plant in Iceland.

3. Thorufoss

Iceland is dubbed the land of fire and ice, but it could also be called the country of waterfalls. There are over 10,000 waterfalls throughout Iceland, and of course, a fantasy show had to utilize a few for scenery. Thorufoss (Þórufoss) isn't one of the more famous Icelandic waterfalls, but it is gorgeous and powerful despite being less popular. At 62 feet tall and 100 feet wide, Thorufoss is located east of Lake Thingvallavatn along the Golden Circle route.

The show was filmed here in its fourth season. During episode 6, Þórufoss is in the background as the Mareen countryside in the Essos region. The scene unfolds as a young boy gazes at the falls and green hills while a herd of goats grazes on the land. Suddenly, one of Daenerys dragons flies in, burning the ground below and scooping up a goat. Go for the filming spot, but stay for the waterfall. 

Season Filmed: 4th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 25.5 miles 
Location Coordinates: 64.2607° N, 21.3724° W

4. Thjorsardalur Valley

In season 4 of Game of Thrones, the Thjorsardalur Valley (Þjórsárdalur) was the background for a vicious scene. The valley is slightly out of the way on an Iceland road trip, but it's only an hour detour from the Golden Circle. It's located on the southern edge of Iceland’s highlands region. Although still part of the Highlands, Þjórsárdalur Valley is accessible with a vehicle, but there are gravel roads. The valley is spectacular as it runs along Þjórsá, Iceland’s longest river. Þjórsárdalur Valley is also home to Háifoss, one of Iceland's tallest waterfalls at 400 feet. There are impressive sights at every turn here with waterfalls, hot springs, woods, lava fields, and a farm. 

In Game of Thrones, Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng  (The Commonwealth farm) in the valley is a Viking replica farm where the show was filmed. This spot has turf houses surrounded by the valley's breathtaking scenery. The scene that featured Þjóðveldisbaerinn Stöng occurred in the third episode of season 4 when a group of Wildlings attacked Olly's village. Tormund, Ygritte, and the cannibal tribe of Thenns slaughter everyone except for Olly. He was sent to deliver the message of the attack and serve as a warning to Castle Black.

Season Filmed: 4th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 77 miles
Location Coordinates: 64.1201° N, 19.8204° W

Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng in Iceland, Game of Thrones filming location.

5. Skogafoss

Skogafoss (Skógafoss) is one of Iceland's most beautiful and famous waterfalls. Game of Thrones incorporated the stunning waterfall on the south coast in the show's 8th season as a magnificent background. At 197 feet, it isn't Iceland's tallest waterfall, but it has a powerful cascade of water that creates a beautiful mist at its base. On sunny days, a rainbow forms in the mist as an Icelandic wonder of nature. Visitors can also walk to the base of the falls. 

Wide shot of Skogafoss in Iceland.

The waterfall was featured in the show's first episode of the final season. In this scene, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have just landed at the falls after an exhilarating moment of dragon-riding through a snowy landscape. On-screen Skogafoss is an icy multitiered waterfall, but the upper portions are CGI. However, the real Skogafoss is front and center as Jon and Daenerys share their first kiss. It's just as majestic in person as it is on the show. 

Season Filmed: 8th season 
Distance from Reykjavik: 97 miles
Location Coordinates: 63.532145, -19.511235 

Couple walking toward Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland while visiting Game of Thrones locations.

6. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach 

The iconic Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach on the south coast is one of Iceland's most popular attractions for its distinct features. Visitors flock to this incredible destination to walk along the unique black sand and see the otherworldly rock formations. This striking and natural beach near Vik is famous for the numerous TV shows and movies filmed here, including GOT. Reynisfjara’s renowned black sand formed by volcanic activity combined with towering geometrical basalt columns along the cliffs of the beach create a dramatic setting ideal for film. The spiky sea stacks jutting from the ocean add to the stunning scene. 

During season 7 of Game of Thrones, Iceland’s black sand beach was the setting for a few episodes as part of the Eastwatch-By-the-Sea location. Eastwatch is at the far east end of the Wall, where a port and Castle occupied by the Night's Watch stands. The black sand beach and basalt columns are in the background. 

Season Filmed: 7th season 
Distance from Reykjavik: 117 miles
Location Coordinates: 63.4053° N, 19.0634° W

Reynisfjara black sand beach in Iceland with waves crashing.

7. Dyrhólaey

Also featured as Eastwatch-by-the-Sea are the incredible cliffs of Dyrhólaey. Located a short drive from Reynisfjara, the black sand beach can be seen above. Dyrhólaey is known for awe-inspiring panoramic views and unique rock formations. The most iconic feature is the large natural arch protruding from the sea. The sweeping views of the ocean, black sand beaches, and dramatic cliffs are breathtaking. During the summer, this is a prime spot for puffin watching. 

Iconic image of Dyrhólaey arch.

In the fifth episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones, Dyrhólaey is visible in the scenery as the cliffs when Jon Snow arrives at Eastwatch. The Wall was added with CGI, but it does not detract from the haunting beauty of this place. 

Season Filmed: 7th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 110 miles
Location Coordinates: 63°23'58.6"N, 19°07'36.8"W

Woman looking out at Dyrhólaey viewpoint.

8. Fjadrargljufur Canyon 

Fjadrargljufur Canyon (Fjaðrárgljúfur) is a 1.25-mile-long canyon in south Iceland, famous for its jaw-dropping scenic views.  A short and easy hike to different viewpoints showcases one of Iceland's most incredible landscapes. This twisting canyon is covered in moss and surrounded by lush greenery. It's no wonder Game of Thrones chose it as one of its filming locations. With less than 2 miles of hiking and a brief detour off the Ring Road, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is a spot GOT fans should not miss. 

The canyon is the setting for an important scene in the final season. In the first episode of season 8, Jon and Daenerys fly through the canyon while riding their dragons. They ultimately land in Skogafoss where they share their first kiss. 

Season Filmed: 8th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 159 miles
Location Coordinates: 63.7713° N, 18.1718° W

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, hiking one of Iceland's most scenic gems.

9. Svinafellsjokull Glacier 

Svinafellsjokull Glacier (Svínafellsjökull) is a popular glacier hiking spot in Iceland. It's also the glacier I chose to hike while visiting. It's a breathtaking outlet glacier of Vatnajokull and Europe’s largest glacier. The white icy landscape peppered with hues of blue is the perfect location for a wintery scene in Game Of Thrones. Make sure you book a glacier hiking tour when visiting Iceland, which feels like you've traveled beyond the Wall. 

In season 2 of GOT, scenes of the lands north of the Wall were shot on Svínafellsjökull Glacier. It's where Ygritte is captured by Jon Snow and the Night's Watch. Also, in the sixth episode of season 7, the glacier is the filming location where Jon Snow fights the army of Wights beyond the Wall. If you don't want to take a glacier hike when visiting this Game of Thrones location, there is also an easy flat trail to a viewpoint of Svínafellsjökull.

Season Filmed: 2nd and 7th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 266.5 miles
Location Coordinates:  64°00'02.8"N, 16°53'35.9"W

Svínafellsjökull Glacier in Iceland at the top.

10. Myrdalsjokull Glacier

Game of Thrones utilized another Iceland glacier for filming, Myrdalsjokull Glacier (Mýrdalsjökull). Located in the southern highlands, this is Iceland's fourth-largest ice cap and is visible from the Ring Road. It's also a well-known spot for glacier hiking, especially Sólheimajökull near Vik, which is a glacial tongue part of Mýrdalsjökull. What also makes Mýrdalsjökull incredible is that the Katla volcano is beneath one of its tongues. It is an active volcano that has erupted several times, creating a unique landscape of volcanic and glacial features. 

During GOT's second season, Myrdalsjokull Glacier represents The First of the First Men. The Night's Watch ventures beyond the Wall only to discover that the Wildling army is more dangerous than ever under the leadership of Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. 

Season Filmed: 2nd season
Distance from Reykjavik: 102.5 miles
Location Coordinates: 63°31'47.5″N 19°22'13.8″W

Sólheimajökull Glacier in Iceland.

11. Hverir

Located in northern Iceland, near Lake Myvatn, Hverir is an otherworldly geothermal field. Like much of Iceland, the area formed through volcanic activity that created the unreal landscape and incredible geothermal features. Wandering through connected walking paths here, you will see boiling mud pots, volcanic vents known as solfataras, and steam vents called fumaroles. These distinct features combined with the rising steam and vivid color from mineral deposits make Hverir appear like Mars. This is a must-visit site in Iceland, but prepare for an overwhelming rotten smell due to the sulfur, plus the midges attracted to the area. 

During the 3rd season's first episode, Hverir was the setting for the opening scene. We see Samwell Tarley struggling through a blizzard after the Wights attack on the Night's Watch. He has to contend with the harsh landscape beyond the Wall as he searches for safety. In reality, the blizzard we see on screen is the steam vents in Hverir. 

Season Filmed: 3rd season 
Distance from Reykjavik: 296 miles
Location Coordinates: 65.6409° N, 16.8093° W

Hverir image with rising steam in Iceland.

12. Grjótagjá Cave

Grjótagjá is a small lava cave with a geothermal pool near Lake Myvatn. The intense blue water set against the jagged rocks is stunning. However, swimming in the hot springs is not allowed. The temperature in the pool is unpredictable and therefore dangerous. The cave is beautiful, but it wasn't popular until Game of Thrones featured it. While it's easily accessible to drive to, getting into the cave can be challenging as it's dark with steps down. 

Game of Thrones in its 3rd season chose the cave in the fifth episode for an important scene with Jon Snow. This is the cave where Jon and Ygritte of the Wildlings consummate their relationship. Thus Jon proves to Ygritte that he's broken his Night's Watch vow. Sadly, the lovely waterfall in the background isn't there in real life, but otherwise, the cave looks the same. 

Season Filmed: 3rd season
Distance from Reykjavik: 295 miles 
Location Coordinates: 65.6262° N, 16.8830° W

Cave with blue water seen in Game of Thrones in Iceland.

13. Dimmuborgir

In the Lake Myvatn area in northern Iceland, there is Dimmuborgir, a lava field brimming with lava pillars and towering jagged rock formations. At every turn, you will find natural geological wonders created by volcanic activity. These cooled molten lava structures have formed into unique shapes, such as caves and arches. Dimmuborgir, which translates to “dark castles,” is the center for Icelandic legends of trolls and entrance to the underworld. It's not surprising a fantasy series decided to film here. 

Dimmuborgir lava field in Iceland.

Dimmuborgir was the filming location during season 3 of Game of Thrones. The dramatic rock formations were the background for Mance Rayder’s camp of Wildlings. It was filmed during the winter, so when I visited in the summer, it looked slightly different but still was an impressive wonder of nature. It's an accessible spot off the Ring Road that every fan can easily visit. 

Season Filmed: 3rd season 
Distance from Reykjavik: 292 miles
Location Coordinates: 65.5912° N, 16.9123° W

Panoramic view of Dimmuborgir in Iceland.

14. Lake Myvatn (Höfði)

Lake Myvatn (Mývatn) in north Iceland is the country's 4th largest lake covering 14 square miles. The shallow lake formed through lava eruption and is surrounded by natural geological wonders. This includes volcanic landforms such as pseudocraters, hot springs, and lava pillars and fields. There are countless things to see in the area, but just walking around the lake is phenomenal. However, be warned, the name translates to Midge Lake. In the summer, those pesky bugs are relentless. Trust me, you'll want to bring a face net. Lake Myvatn is also part of the Diamond Circle route with other famous Icelandic destinations like Dettifoss and Goðafoss. 

While Game of Thrones was filmed in several locations in the Lake Myvatn area in season 3, they also used the lake itself. Höfði, at the edge of Lake Myvatn, offers stunning views and unique lava formations. Like the filming location in Dimmuborgir, the show used Höfði to portray Mance Rayder’s camp of Wildlings in the season's 5th episode. However, Dimmuborgir is seen up-close, and Höfði was for the scenic wide shots of the lava formations. It's a short walk from the parking lot to see this magical spot. 

Season Filmed: 3rd season
Distance from Reykjavik: 287 miles 
Location Coordinates: 65°34'48.0"N, 16°57'04.3"W

Lake Myvatn in Iceland, Game of Thrones filming location.

15. Kirkjufell Mountain

The image of Kirkjufell Mountain in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula usually comes to mind when thinking of Iceland. Kirkjufell is the most photographed mountain in Iceland, even at only 1519 feet. The Icelandic name translates to “Church Mountain” due to its unique shape resembling a church steeple. That is why GOT used it as Arrowhead Mountain in the series. The landscape surrounding the mountain with its distinctive peak and Kirkjufellsfoss, a series of three small waterfalls, is stunning. Visiting is a must to see the iconic view of Kirkjufell and the falls. 

Kirkjufell is sometimes referred to as the Game of Thrones mountain and has become synonymous with the fantasy show. The mountain appears in both seasons 6 and 7 of GOT. It was briefly featured in season 6 when Bran Stark saw a vision of how the first White Walker was created. We learn here that the Children of the Forest made them with Kirkjufell shown in the background. It plays a more prominent role in season 7 as Arrowhead Mountain. First, the Hound has a vision of it with the dead marching past the mountain in the first episode. We see Kirkjufell later in the season when Jon Snow is en route to the battle with the Wights.

Season Filmed: 6th and 7th season
Distance from Reykjavik: 112 miles 
Location Coordinates: 64.92624970481161, -23.311407817620307

Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland.

How to Get to Iceland's Game of Thrones Locations

There are two ways to reach the various Game of Thrones filming locations, either on your own or with a tour.

Driving on Your Own

Unless you plan on staying in Reykjavik throughout your Iceland trip, I’d highly recommend visiting these Game of Thrones locations on your own. You'd need to rent a car to travel through Iceland, but there is no better way to experience this stunning country. Most tours won't cover every filming spot, and there are additional stops you will want to make. Extra preparation is necessary for an Iceland road trip, but it's worth the effort. You can check out my tips for Iceland travel here

Game of Thrones Iceland Tour 

If you're staying in Reykjavik for your trip to Iceland or would prefer not to plan and drive, a Game of Thrones tour is another way to experience these locations. Most of the specific GOT tours are pretty pricey, but you can find more reasonably priced tours to these destinations along the South Coast and Golden Circle, even if they're not Game of Thrones specific. 

Tips for Visiting Game of Thrones Locations

  • Dress in waterproof layers: The weather in Iceland is unpredictable in any season. Even in the summer, there are extreme weather shifts, especially with heavy rain. Wear a waterproof shell jacket and waterproof shoes to any of these locations.
  • Whether doing a Game of Thrones road trip or taking a tour, you'll want to book early. Reserve accommodations, flights, and car rental as early as possible. 
  • If you plan on visiting GOT filming locations on your own as I did, make sure to have an itinerary and map of the places you want to see. This ensures you won't miss any of the places on this list.

Game of Thrones Iceland Locations Map

Below is a Google Map of all the Game of Thrones locations in Iceland. You can use it clockwise or counterclockwise. 

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Iceland's Game Of Thrones Locations A Fan’s Ultimate Guide

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