Meet the Manic Wanderer

Welcome to my world of organized chaos

Well, hi there! I’m Jillian – traveler, fangirl of every nerdy thing you can imagine (seriously, it’s ridiculous,) bookworm, hiking enthusiast, fur baby mama, mental health advocate, and outdoor adventurer. A New Yorker, living the nightmare, I mean dream, as a burnt-out millennial. In other words, I'm a chaotic mess.

Travel and mental illness consume a great deal of my life. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Clinical Depression. For any decision I make in life, I have to consider my mental health. That includes where and how I’ll travel, and as someone who travels as often as my job and wallet allows, I create hyper-detailed itineraries with every particular aspect of a trip accounted for. Creating these travel lists and itineraries sparked a passion in me, fulfilling me in a way I never imagined.

This blog will mainly focus on travel and hiking tips and itineraries that factor in mental health, with a sprinkling of some books and fandoms talk. Because similar to travel, books, and fandoms keep my broken mind as sane as possible.

I hope this blog will help others. That anyone can utilize my travel tips and itineraries for their vacations. And for the 1 in 5 adults in America who experience mental illness, I hope you feel seen. You are not alone and deserve to enjoy life. Take that trip, experience the places you dream about, and embrace all this beautiful world can offer. Let this inspire you to be your bravest self. To be the most authentic version of you.

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