Meet the Manic Wanderer

Welcome to my world of MANIC ADVENTURE

Hello there! I’m Jillian – a passionate traveler, fangirl of all things nerdy (seriously, it’s ridiculous,) bookworm, avid hiker, proud fur baby mama, and mental health advocate. An adventurer of the great outdoors, while living in New York City. Embracing the chaos of the city and taking as many day and road trips as I can between vacations to my dream destinations.

My life revolves around travel and the ongoing journey with my mental health. Diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Clinical Depression, every life decision involves a thoughtful consideration of my mental well-being. When planning my next adventure and crafting detailed travel itineraries within the constraints of my job and budget, this meticulous planning has unexpectedly become a source of passion and fulfillment.

This blog is a canvas for sharing travel and hiking tips, with a unique emphasis on accommodating mental health needs. Sprinkled in with posts about different fandoms (especially in regards to travel) because, like my adventures, this part of my life brings me immense joy while keeping me grounded.

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