A Self-Guided Twilight Tour in Forks, WA

If you’re a fan of Twilight and want to relive your favorite moments from the epic saga, embarking on a self-guided Twilight tour in Forks, WA is the best way to experience it. 

The City of Forks Welcomes you sign.

When Twilight premiered in 2008, I was immediately hooked. After the first movie was released, I quickly devoured the book series and became obsessed with all things Twilight. The books, the movies, the merchandise, and all of Washington. I dreamed of seeing Forks and wandering through a green forest with a sparkly vampire. It was a difficult time in my young adult life, and I'm forever grateful for the story that helped get me through that period. Eventually, the Twilight craze died down, but I still hoped to one day visit the places in the series that had brought me so much joy for years. 

Finally, in the summer of 2022, I decided to make that dream a reality. As part of a larger Washington trip after hiking in Mt. Rainier NP, I would then visit all the places I’d read and re-read about on the Olympic coast. I’d see the beaches of La Push, stand in the rainy town of Forks, and trek through the vibrant green forests. Since there wasn’t an official Twilight tour to take, I created my own tour and am glad I did. There’s so much to see and do here, that with a self-guided tour, I was able to pick and choose what worked best for me while making all my Twilight dreams come true. 

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Lake in Olympic National Park with fog.

Things to Know Before Visiting Forks

Forever Twilight in Forks Festival

Every September the town of Forks hosts the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival. This four-day festival celebrates all things Twilight in an event dedicated to the fans. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy with auctions, costume contests, and parties, to name a few. Best of all, different actors from the Twilight Saga attend each year, where fans can take part in panels, photo-ops, and autographs. Different events throughout the festival require tickets, so make sure to purchase them beforehand. One day I’ll return to Forks, Washington just to go to the festival! 

How Long to Spend in Forks

Touring all the Twilight spots in Forks, and the surrounding beaches, won’t take more than a day. Although, if you plan to visit Port Angeles, and many of the amazing locations across Olympic National Park, try to add at least one to two additional days to your trip. I recommend staying at least overnight in Forks for a more in-depth experience or in Olympic National Park for scenic views and a shorter drive. Staying in Port Angeles, which also plays a key location in the Twilight Saga is another viable option. 

Where was Twilight Filmed

It’s important to point out that you won’t have the opportunity to visit any filming locations for the movies in Forks. The majority of the first Twilight movie was filmed in Oregon, while the sequels were mostly filmed across British Columbia, including beach scenes on Vancouver Island. Nevertheless, on this tour, you’ll visit the real-life places described in the books and named in the movies. It's an amazing experience for fans, and this area of Washington is stunning to visit even without the Twilight references! 

Spruce Nature Trail Hoh Rain Forest.
Hoh Rain Forest near Forks looks like a scene out of Twilight

When to Visit and Weather

While you most likely won’t find sky-high snow and blistering cold in Forks and this section of Olympic NP, you will experience plenty of rainfall. Forks is one of the wettest places in the continental United States with up to 119” of rainfall a year and an average of 206 rainy days. No wonder the Cullen’s stayed in Forks so long! Temperatures are pretty mild throughout the year, but one can generally expect to find at least some precipitation and fog. 

Summer is the most popular time to visit, and is considered the peak season. Expect more crowds, but warmer temperatures and less rainfall. During fall, the forests transform with lovely autumn colors, but precipitation will increase as this is when the rainy season begins. Winter is the wettest time of year, and snow can occur, but there are also fewer visitors. In spring, temperatures will rise, and rainfall will decrease, but it's still off-season for crowds. 

If you’re visiting the National Park, please remember that the weather is unpredictable in any season. Always check the National Park website for weather conditions before visiting the beaches or forests. 

How to Get To Forks

If you’re driving from Seattle or Portland, buckle up for a long but beautiful drive. It’ll take approximately 4 hours to reach Forks from Seattle, and 4-5 hours from Portland. There are several ways to get to Forks depending on where you want to start your tour. From Seattle, you can begin your self-guided tour with Port Angeles using the Bainbridge ferry. Or you can drive around it along the Pacific coast, starting with the National Park spots and Forks. For my tour, I chose the latter as I wanted a shorter drive back to Seattle, but either way works. 

A Self-guided Twilight Tour in Forks, WA

Pose With the Forks Sign and Bella’s Truck

If you can only make one stop in Forks, this should be it. It’s essentially a three-for-one destination: the Forks town sign, Bella’s truck, and a Twilight souvenir shop. They’re all located at the Forks Chamber of Commerce, which is easy enough to plug into Google maps. 

The Welcome to Forks sign is directly in front of the parking lot so it makes for the perfect photo opportunity to pay tribute to our favorite Twilight town. Conveniently, the easily recognizable vintage red truck is in the parking lot behind the welcome sign. It’s an accurate replica of Bella's truck and has Bella written on the license plate.  

Location: 1411 S Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331

Check Out Forever Twilight in Forks Collection

Right up the road from the Forks Chamber of Commerce is the Forever Twilight Collection. This is a free exhibit where fans can see costumes and props from the movie saga. There are also fan-made items and memorabilia with a few photo ops, which any Twihard fan can enjoy.

Opening hours vary depending on the season. In winter, they’re open Fridays and Saturdays from 12 -4 pm. In summer, they’re open from Thursday - Monday from 12 - 4 pm. You can also find the Native to Twilight store across the street that offers plenty of Twilight souvenir options. 

Location: 11 N Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331

Walk Along the La Push Beaches

“La Push baby. It’s La Push.” 

Though the iconic movie scenes didn’t film in La Push, instead it was filmed at Cannon Beach in Oregon, you can visit the real La Push on a self-guided tour of Forks. The beaches are similar in appearance, and La Push is not only a part of the first two books and movies in the saga but also a beautiful location to explore. La Push is approximately a 20-minute drive from Forks, making it a great next destination after touring the town. 

La Push has a series of three beaches appropriately named First, Second, and Third Beach, next to the La Push community. First Beach is part of the Quileute nation, and Second and Third Beach are within Olympic NP. Stephanie Meyer never specified which La Push beach Bella visits in Twilight, but of the three, I opted to visit Second Beach as it closely resembled the beach seen in the first Twilight movie. 

Second Beach La Push.
Second Beach

However, I should mention that First Beach is the most accessible of the three, whereas Second Beach requires more of a trek. Getting to Second Beach is an easy 2-mile out and back hike that any age and fitness level can complete. The path is flat and passes through a breathtaking forest. With the lush greenery, towering trees, and moss-covered wood, it feels like you’re in a scene right out of Twilight. Please be aware that La Push and First Beach are part of the tribe nation and to be respectful of their land. 

Location: (Second Beach parking lot) Olympic Discovery Trail, La Push, WA 98350

Trail to Second Beach in La Push.
The trail to Second Beach

Stay at the Swan House 

On your tour of Forks, not only can you see the house that inspired Bella and Charlie’s home, but you can stay there as well. The owners welcome travelers to stop and take photos in front of the house even if they aren’t staying at the property. It’s a charming farmhouse built in the early 1900s and available to rent on Airbnb. Even if you don’t plan on renting the home, it’s a fun stop to make for pictures. I might have been team Edward as a girl, but now I’m without question in the team Charlie camp so this was extra fun for me. 

Location: 775 K St, Forks, WA 98331

Or Stay at Jacob Black’s House

“Where the hell have you been, loca?”

Oh, Jacob. As I've said, though I spent my young adult years firmly on the side of team Edward, my appreciation of the loyal werewolf never wavered. This vacation rental looks identical to Jacob’s home seen clearly in New Moon. With its unique bright red exterior, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into the Twilight universe. Like Bella’s home, it’s worth a visit even if you don’t plan on making accommodations there, especially if you were/are team Jacob. 

Location: 8320 La Push Rd, Forks, WA 98331

Book a Room at the Cullen House

The Miller Tree Inn is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast farmhouse built in the early 1900s. The inn, which is named the “Cullen House” in Forks, offers a stay in a historic setting with modern amenities and amazing breakfasts served each morning. Despite it bearing no resemblance to the sleek home shown in the movies, its appearance is accurate to the description Stephanie Meyer writes of the Cullen’s home in the books. 

Best of all the Cullen house has a replica of the graduation caps artwork seen in the Twilight movies and an office for Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Between the delicious breakfasts, cozy rooms, and Twilight settings, what’s not to love? 

Location: 654 E Division St, Forks, WA 98331

See the Treaty Line

Another quick stop on your self-guided Twilight tour is seeing the Treaty line, on the way from Forks to La Push. The long-standing treaty between the Cullen family and the werewolf tribe plays a pivotal role in the Twilight Saga, and to see where that line between them would be is a cool experience for all the Twihard fans out there.  

The sign is on the side of La Push road, so you’ll want to park in the spacious lot next to it by 3 Rivers Resort and walk over to it. There’s a different image on each side of the sign, creating two equally fun photo opportunities any fan can appreciate. One side reads, “No Vampires Beyond This Point.” with the image of a howling wolf. The other side says, “Welcome Twilight Fans.”

Location: 7760 La Push Rd, Forks, WA 98331

Hike Rialto Beach 

While Rialto Beach isn’t technically part of the Twilight Saga, it is an unmissable spot in the area. The beach is less than a 20-minute drive from La Push with a big parking lot, making it an easy add-on to your Forks tour. When I think of the atmosphere in the series, I imagine thick fog, a muted grey sky above a crashing dark sea, and emerald green forestry. Rialto Beach delivers on all of that and more. You’ll also find unique sea stacks and otherworldly driftwood smattered across this rugged coast. 

Driftwood on Rialto Beach.

One of the reasons this particular beach is so popular is due to the eye-catching and photogenic arch known as the Hole in the Wall. Fair warning this is a 3.3-mile out-and-back moderate hike, and to see the hole is wholly dependent on if the tides are low. I attempted the trek and did glimpse it in the distance, but my screaming legs, unfortunately, forced me to turn around. Still, I loved all the Twilight vibes of this beach in Olympic NP.

Location: Mora Rd, Forks, WA 98331

Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park.

Stop by Dr. Cullen’s Parking Spot 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the wise and patient doctor that always supported and loved his adopted family, has his own parking spot at the Forks Community Hospital. This spot is a fun homage to our favorite vampire dad with a cute sign for pictures. The sign reads, “Dr. Cullen Vampire Parking Only.” You can find it near the administration building at the hospital. 

Location: 530 Bogachiel Way, Forks, WA 98331

Go View Forks High School

Admittedly, even though I consider myself a lifelong Twihard fan, this is one spot that I skipped. The school isn't out of the way, and it’s an easy stop along your self-guided tour, but I chose not to pay a visit. For me even though the school plays a huge part in the Twilight Saga, it felt weird to take pictures of a normal school. But that’s just me! There’s no actual Twilight reference here to see, and the school filmed in the movies is Kalama High School in Kalama, WA, but you can go view the outside of Forks High School. 

Location: 261 Spartan Ave, Forks, WA 98331

Drop by the Forks Police Station 

Like Forks High, the Police station is a functioning place of operation in the town, and you, unfortunately, won’t find any direct Twilight mention here. Once upon a time, there was a tribute to Chief Swan, but as the hype died down they eventually removed it. It’s still interesting to quickly check out if you’re a Charlie fan like me. 

Location: 500 East Division Street, Forks, WA

Wander Through the Hoh Rain Forest

“You better hold on tight spider monkey.”

Though it’s one of the most cringy lines uttered in the Twilight movies, I love the scene itself. All the intense greenery of the forest Edward jumps through is enchanting. The Hoh Rain Forest, which technically is located in Forks, is in my opinion, the most beautiful part of Olympic National Park and is reminiscent of that Twilight scene. This is where I started my self-guided tour in the very early morning hours of the day to avoid crowds, before driving to Forks. It’s somewhat out of the way, the visitor center is approximately 45 minutes from Forks but it’s well worth the effort to get to. 

Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.

Hoh Rain Forest feels like landing on another planet. One created of an old-growth forest, waking beneath a canopy of towering trees, and where every square inch is covered in bright green moss and ferns. It’s a serenely quiet world of varying shades of emerald. Once there, check out these two easy hikes: Hall of Mosses which is a 1.1-mile loop trail, and Spruce Nature Trail that’s a 1.4-mile loop

As this is a National Park, you’ll either need an America the Beautiful annual park pass ($80) or pay the $30 entrance fee. This section of Olympic NP also draws some of the most visitors. Consider coming in the early morning and avoiding weekends and holidays if possible. 

Location: 18113 Upper Hoh Rd, Forks, WA 98331

Arch in Hoh Rain Forest.

Visit Port Angeles 

It wouldn’t be a true Twilight-inspired tour if the town of Port Angeles weren’t included on this list. Depending on your preference, you can either begin or end your trip with Port Angeles. I chose to end with it as I preferred the shorter drive back to Seattle, which took around two and a half hours. 

In Twilight, Port Angeles is where Bella went prom dress shopping, which she ultimately ditched for a bookstore, and then got lost. This leads to Edward coming to save her from a group of threatening men, and the soon-to-be couple then goes on their first date. While the dress shop and bookstore don’t exist in real life, Port Angeles has a beautiful downtown shopping scene by the waterfront. You’ll find plenty of boutique shops, galleries, and museums. If there’s time, consider taking a whale-watching tour, which is one of the top-rated activities in the area. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat when visiting Port Angeles, then you must dine at Bella Italia. This is the same restaurant where Bella and Edward had their memorable first date. While dining there make sure to try Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli for the ultimate Twilight experience, as that’s the exact dish Bella orders on her date. 

Location: (Bella Italia) 118 E 1st St, Port Angeles, WA 98362

Where to Stay

Apart from the accommodations already mentioned in this post, there are plenty of other hotels and Airbnb's in Forks and the surrounding areas to choose from. However, if you’re traveling during peak season in summer, remember to make reservations early. This is a popular tourist destination, especially for Olympic National Park, and rooms can be booked up months in advance.

Hotels in Forks, WA

1. Pacific Inn Motel

This no-fuss reasonably priced lodging in Forks has modern rooms with comfortable amenities. The big draw is the Twilight-themed room. It has Twilight movie posters, red and black walls, and vampire-themed decor. Reservations for this room fill quickly, so the earlier you book, the better. 

2. Olympic Suites Inn

These are spacious and comfortable rooms right in the heart of Forks. The inn is affordable, and it’s in a convenient location for anyone on a self-guided Twilight tour. 

3. Quileute Oceanside Resort

The Quileute tribe is pivotal to this area of the Pacific Northwest. They're also important to Stephanie Meyer’s series, since our favorite wolf, Jacob Black, is part of the tribe. The resort is part of the real Quileute Nation’s land, that's filled with rich history and culture. Though not technically in Forks, the resort is a 20-minute drive away. They provide oceanfront cabins and units, a campground, and RV parks next to the stunning Pacific Northwest beaches. In fact, it’s steps away from La Push’s First Beach. 

Hotels in Olympic National Park

1. Rain Forest Resort Village 

This quaint resort is a little over an hour's drive from Forks. I opted to stay here during my Twilight tour since I wanted to start with the Hoh Rain Forest early in the morning. Plus, they offer affordable rooms with scenic lake views. My favorite part of staying here is that they’re located next to the world's largest Sitka Spruce tree. If you have extra time there are some amazing trails nearby as well. 

World's largest Sitka Spruce tree.
World's largest Sitka Spruce tree

2. Lake Quinault Lodge 

This lakeside lodge found down the road from the Rain Forest Resort is also a beautiful place to stay. They have awe-inspiring lake views, fireplace rooms, and a restaurant on site. This is the more popular of the two lodgings, so prepare to book early to stay here. 

3. Kalaloch Lodge

Whether you prefer to book the main lodge, one of their cozy cabins, or the secluded house tucked further back, a stay at Kalaloch Lodge is both comfortable and convenient. With direct access to Olympic National Park beaches and within driving distance of all the major must-see Twilight and National Park destinations, this is a perfect place to have as your base spot. It’s also one of the most popular accommodations in the area. Reservations should be booked months in advance to secure your stay. 

4. Lake Crescent Lodge

One of the most stunning lakes in Olympic NP is Lake Crescent, and there’s a rustic lodge you can stay at right on the lake. Lake Crescent Lodge is located near Port Angeles, about a 30-minute drive away, making it an ideal choice if you plan to end your tour in the town. It’s open seasonally, from late spring to mid-fall, but like many accommodations in the National Park, it books up quickly. If you want gorgeous lake views in a serene location without any modern distractions like television, the Lake Crescent Lodge is a great option. 

Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park.

Other Olympic National Park Spots Near Forks

If you’re visiting Washington for a Twilight tour and time permits, then you should extend your stay to experience more of the magnificent Olympic National Park. A few of the places already mentioned, like Rialto Beach and Hoh Rain Forest are part of the National Park, but there’s so much more to see and do. These are some of the highlights in the National Park, and all are within driving distance from Forks. 

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is often referred to as the jewel of Olympic National Park, and it’s easy to see why. Famous for its dramatic coast with impressive sea stacks, tide pools brimming with sea life during low tide, and unique driftwood sculptures. It’s also easily accessible, and only a 30-minute drive from Forks. Unfortunately, Ruby Beach was closed to the public for construction work when I visited. Despite my disappointment, it gives me a good reason to return! 

Lake Crescent 

Lake Crescent is a gorgeous lake in the National Park located near Port Angeles. There are numerous activities here ranging from picnic areas, boat launches, and hiking trails. During the summer season, visitors can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards from the Lake Crescent Lodge. The breathtaking Marymere Falls is a short hike from the lake and was one of the highlights of my Washington trip. It’s an easy 1.7-mile out-and-back trek leading to the falls through a lush forest. 

Marymere Falls in Olympic National Park.

Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is a dramatic change from the remarkable scenery along the Olympic coast, as the National Park transforms into a staggering mountain range. If you plan on visiting Port Angeles, I highly recommend a trip to Hurricane Ridge located 17 miles away. Beyond the epic mountain views seen at the visitor center, Hurricane Ridge is a great spot for hiking. One of the most popular Hurricane Ridge hikes is to Hurricane Hill, a 3.4-mile moderate out-and-back trail that promises jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Olympic region. 

The road to Hurricane Ridge is accessible throughout the summer months, but only open Fridays-Sundays during the winter. Cars must also have tire chains in the winter season. The road can close at any time due to weather conditions. Always check the national park website for updates before visiting. 

Final Thoughts

Forks, Washington is a destination every Twilight fan has dreamed of visiting. It’s a quaint town with a loving enthusiasm for Twilight and the fan community. The surrounding coastal beaches and otherworldly forests of Olympic National Park are a must-see for their beauty and serenity alone, but also that they give all the vibes of the beloved vampire series. A self-guided Twilight tour of Forks is the perfect way to experience it all in real life. 

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