A Detailed Review of Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Resort

Sunset on Divi Beach at Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Resort.

Are you thinking of staying at Divi Aruba for your next Aruba vacation? Then read on for a detailed review of Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Resort.

Welcome to Aruba, where the slogan ‘One Happy Island’ rings true. Aruba is a gorgeous and safe island with captivating beaches, vibrant culture, delicious food, and fun adventures. This Caribbean paradise is perfect for indulging in a laid-back tropical escape or island exploration with breathtaking landscapes. Aruba offers it all with both relaxation and adventure in one beautiful location.

As a popular vacation destination, there are plenty of places to stay in Aruba, from high-rise hotels to smaller low-rise resorts to intimate Airbnbs. After much debate, I decided to stay at Divi Aruba due to its all-inclusive package and location on Divi Beach.

Admittedly, I read mixed reviews before my trip. Guests seemed to either love or hate their stay. Going in with an open mind and keeping expectations as low as possible, I landed somewhere in the middle after staying here. There were pros and cons, as there are with most resorts. Now, I'm sharing my honest and detailed review of my stay at Divi. However, this is based solely on my personal experience.

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Front of property for detailed review of Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Resort.

What’s Included in Divi Aruba All-Inclusive

  • All meals and drinks
  • Use of beach and four pools
  • Access to all facilities and dining at Tamarijn Resort next door
  • Continuous shuttle service between both resorts
  • Daily activities and live nightly entertainment
  • Sea Turtle Club for kids ages 4-12
  • Rooms with a patio or balcony


Divi Resort is located near Eagle Beach on Aruba in the low-rise section. This is where the low-rise resorts are as opposed to the high-rise resorts on the Palm Beach side. Divi Aruba sits on the stunning Divi Beach, offering unparalleled ocean views throughout the resort.

Woman on Eagle Beach at sunset.
Eagle Beach

Getting to Divi Aruba

Divi Aruba All-Inclusive is about a 15-minute drive from the airport. It's easy to get to Divi from the airport, either by car or bus. De Palm Tours offers airport transfers scheduled in advance. I opted for the shared bus transfer through them. The experience was stress-free, and their office was easy to find across from the airport.

Taxis are always on hand at the airport, and most importantly, they do not have meters. Rates are set in place by the Aruba Department of Public Traffic. The current fare from the airport to the low-rise area of Aruba is $26. Note that there is a surcharge on Sundays, holidays, and after 11 pm.

Aruba FAQs

Official Languages

Four main languages are spoken in Aruba: Dutch, Papiamento, English, and Spanish. Papiamento is a Portuguese-based creole language originating in the Dutch Caribbean. Dutch and Papiamento are the official languages of Aruba, but everyone on the island also speaks English and Spanish.


Aruba’s timezone runs under the Atlantic Standard Time. Half of the year, Aruba is an hour ahead of U.S. Eastern Time. The island does not recognize Daylight Savings, so during the fall and winter Aruba is an hour ahead and then is the same as Eastern Time during the spring and summer.


The official currency of Aruba is the Aruban Florin. However, there is no need to exchange your money. The U.S. Dollar is widely accepted on the island.

Is Aruba Safe?

Aruba is considered one of the safest Caribbean islands. With low crime rates and modern infrastructure, it’s a safe place for a vacation. I felt safe even at night while visiting. Their slogan of “One Happy Island” measures up. Of course, always exercise caution and remain vigilant when you travel as you would in everyday life.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Aruba?

One of the best things about Aruba is there's no bad time to visit. The weather is consistently warm throughout the year. Aruba falls below the hurricane belt, so there is no hurricane season to avoid either. The rainy season is from October - January, but rainfall isn’t substantial. The high season is from December - April when prices are higher and tourism increases. However, it’s perfect to escape the cold weather. If you’re hoping to find lower prices and fewer crowds, consider visiting during the spring through early summer.

Fofoti tree on Eagle Beach at sunset.
Fofoti Tree

Rooms and Amenities at Divi

Divi Aruba offers a variety of rooms to choose from with differing views that range in price. Accommodations have a garden, pool, or ocean view. Additionally, there are beachside rooms and suites. Except for the 2-bedroom suites with a jacuzzi, the in-room amenities are identical throughout the resort. Every room has a patio or balcony, an empty mini fridge, Aruba Aloe products, and a large TV with streaming options like Netflix. Rooms have either two queen beds or a king bed.

Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Beachside Room review.
Beachside room with king bed

I opted for a beachside room for my stay, and while I wish I could gush about my experience, I left feeling like I should have chosen a garden-view room instead. The view wasn't worth the additional cost.

Beachside accommodations at Divi are described as having partial ocean views steps from the beach on their website. A gorgeous picture of a room with a window open to the ocean is there. From my patio, I could see the beach in the distance, and my accommodation was not far from the beach. However, it was a partially blocked view. Plus, there were no windows. It did seem a bit like a bait and switch.

View in beachside room at Divi Aruba All-Inclusive.

Living in New York City, I'm no stranger to small bathrooms but expect more room at a resort, and the bathroom at Divi was identical in size to my apartment. The room also lacked color and often felt dark and dreary, reminding me more of a city hotel than a Caribbean resort. Adding more color and amenities would help, but as is, it wasn't worth the cost.

Bathroom in beachside room at Divi Aruba

Restaurants and Drinks

Taste is subjective, but my honest opinion is the food at Divi Aruba and Tamarijn next door was mostly unappetizing. I'm not a picky eater, and I enjoy everything from junk food to upscale dining, but the meals I had here were mediocre to awful. Some dinners tasted like reheated frozen food, some items were stale, not cooked properly, and over-salted.

Despite the food being one of my biggest gripes during my stay at Divi, it was included, so at least nothing cost extra. Plus, there were plenty of options to choose from between both resorts.

On the positive side, I loved most of the drinks I ordered from the bars or restaurants. The Caribbean Temptation and Cherry Kiss were my favorites, and don't forget to have an Aruba Ariba!

Aruba All-Inclusive drinks by the beach.

Some restaurants at Divi and Tamarijn require reservations. For Divi, this includes Red Parrot and Pure Lime. At Tamarijn reservations are needed for Ginger, Palm Grill, and Paparazzi. Reservations are made on the Divi app or directly with the restaurant on-site. Please note reservations can only be booked up to 48 hours in advance.

Restaurants at Divi

Pure Lime

Pure Lime is Divi’s full-service Mexican restaurant. The dinner I had here was my favorite meal at Divi. While the food wasn’t exceptional, it also wasn’t awful, just a little bland. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my dinner, but this was due to the incredible margaritas I had. The Picadillo was tasty for an appetizer, followed by an entree of chicken fajitas that were fine enough, but the lime and avocado sherbet for dessert was sublime.

Red Parrot

Red Parrot is Divi’s signature fine dining restaurant. There is an upscale ambiance compared to the other establishments, offering a French cuisine and seafood menu. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available, the latter providing beachfront views. White linen tables, crimson plush chairs, soft lighting, and a delicate moat running through the floor create a romantic setting. I had looked forward to dining here the most, but unfortunately, the food did not match the atmosphere.

Red Parrot outside of restaurant, Divi Aruba All-Inclusive review.

My husband and I decided on the beef bourguignon served with dutchess potatoes. The presentation was stunning, but the dish was so over-salted that it bordered on inedible. For dessert, I selected the crème brûlée, while my husband opted for the French macaroons.. My dessert was fine, a bit bland, but the macaroons were stale. Perhaps the seafood is better, or we came on an off night, but we left Red Parrot underwhelmed.

Sandpiper Bar

Both a beach bar and grill, the Sandpiper bar is the perfect spot for grabbing a drink on the beach or a quick meal. Opening hours are from 11 am to 6 pm, so it's not ideal for breakfast or dinner, but it is a convenient spot for lunch or a mid-day snack. The menu is simple, with classic American lunch fare like burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Still, it was my favorite lunch I had at Divi. The hot dog was delicious with relish, onions, and sauerkraut, and my husband liked his burger piled with toppings.

Hot dog lunch at Sandpiper Bar.

Pelican Terrace

A mix of buffet items with live cooking areas and carving stations is what you can expect at Pelican Terrace. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this is a popular choice for any meal at the resort. I had breakfast here each morning and several lunches. The food was hit or miss, but the partially outdoor seating area is lovely for dining with ocean views. Each night has a different menu theme, so dinner here always looks different.

Breakfast plate at Pelican Terrace at Divi Aruba.

Coco Grill & Bar

Right off the main pool is a large bar offering a selection of pizzas, sandwiches, and paninis. The bar is fantastic, with top-notch drinks to enjoy by the pool. I was left dissatisfied with my vegetarian pizza, which reminded me of a frozen Ellio’s pizza, except it lacked flavor. Still, it's a quick and filling meal to grab while lounging by the pool or beach for lunch.

Additional Drinks and Bars at Divi

Le Cafe

Divi Aruba’s included cafe is open each morning, offering a variety of coffees, teas, and pastries. The coffee was on the bitter side, but I loved being able to grab my coffee and go about my day. Plus, the chocolate croissants are yummy with plenty of filling.

Cafe at Divi Aruba All-Inclusive.

Pelican Bar

This was hands down my favorite spot at Divi. The drinks here were always delicious, with fantastic bartender service and an unbeatable view. Pelican Bar sits between the beach and the main pool overlooking the ocean. Plenty of small tables are set up around the bar to grab your drinks and watch the water. The bar is also covered to get a break from the sun.

Pelican Bar in the morning at Divi Aruba.

Poolside Bar

Next to Divi’s two large swimming pools is a convenient poolside bar with amazing drinks to enjoy by the pool. The bar has a covered lounge with comfortable chairs and sofas for a shaded break from the sun.

Restaurants at Tamarijn


Ginger is Tamarijn's take on Asian fusion, with dishes varying from Thai to Sushi. The Asian-inspired flavors are unique and have plenty of options to choose from in the menu. This was one of the better meals I had at the resorts. I enjoyed my spring roll appetizer and chicken skewer entree.

Cunucu Terrace

This is Tamarijn’s version of Divi’s Pelican Terrace. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with live cooking stations and buffet items. They share the same theme nights as Pelican, and the food is nearly identical, but it's a suitable spot to grab a meal any time of the day.

Palm Grill

Palm Grill offers an interactive experience and restaurant into one as the guests prepare their own dinner. Each table includes a grill for participants to stir-fry their choice of entrees and vegetables. In full transparency, I didn't eat here. The last thing I wanted to do on my vacation was cook. Yet, other guests seemed to enjoy themselves. Those who love cooking or groups seeking a different dining experience would surely be intrigued by this unique restaurant.

Pizza Per Tutti

Both a bar and grill, this convenient spot provides delicious drinks all day and a quick meal. Similar to Divi’s Coco Grill & Bar, the main specialty here is pizza. However, Pizza Per Tutti also serves up a variety of snacks and sandwiches to accompany drinks.

Paparazzi Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge

Paparazzi is Tamarijn’s signature restaurant, serving a mix of Italian fare. There is also a bar for those looking to relax with a drink, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Paparazzi spritzer. Outside seating is available within a pretty courtyard, and some tables face toward the ocean with enchanting views. The interior where I dined felt dated, but the seating was comfortable.

As for the food, the bread to start was good, and my husband and I shared a plate of antipasto that we both found tasty. On the other hand, the entree I had was undoubtedly the worst thing I ate during my stay at Divi. I ordered the pasta Bolognese, which resembled a stuffed shells dish rather than a traditional Bolognese. It would have been fine if the entree tasted halfway decent, but it lacked flavor, and the sauce seemed to come straight out of the jar. It was also obviously reheated, as some portions were scalding hot, and some were ice cold. Overall, I didn't care for Paparazzi.

Divi Beach and Pools

Appropriately, Divi Aruba All-Inclusive is on Divi Beach. The beach is stunning, with shimmering turquoise water and pristine white sand. It’s also wide and massive, stretching over a quarter of a mile. There’s ample space to not feel crowded by other guests and enough room for everyone to experience the beautiful surroundings. Divi Beach feels somewhat secluded, far removed from the Palm and Eagle Beach crowds. Generally, only Divi Resort guests used the beach. If walking along the shore, the beach continues onto Manchebo and eventually Eagle Beach.

Divi Beach on Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Resort.

The sunsets on the beach are absolutely to die for. I loved watching them each day I spent there. I saw and visited several beaches in Aruba, including Eagle Beach and Baby Beach, and Divi Beach and neighboring Manchebo Beach were hands down my favorites.

Divi Beach at sunset.

Divi Beach and all the pools have plenty of lounge chairs for guests to use in and out of the shade. There's no need to rush for a chair in the morning unless you want a particular spot.

Manchebo Beach next to Divi Aruba.
Manchebo Beach

The main pool is right off the lobby area and is impossible to miss the second you walk in. Admittedly, I never ventured into this pool as it was the most crowded of the four. This is also where pool volleyball and water aerobics classes occur. Although, I did like to sit in the chairs at night occasionally and enjoy the entertainment from a distance.

Main pool at Divi Aruba at night.

Not far from the beach and main pool are the second and third pools next to each other. Facing them directly, they almost appear as one extremely long pool, but they are separated. The front end is bigger and has the pool bar next to it. The other side was more secluded but had deeper water. Both pools had chairs in the water to relax comfortably without being fully submerged.

Empty Pool in the morning in Aruba.

Tucked away, near the Sandpiper Bar, is Divi’s fourth pool. This was undoubtedly the least popular of the four pools due to its almost semi-hidden location. It’s perfect for a bit of seclusion in the resort.

Activities Center

Not far from the beach, you’ll find Divi’s activity center, a small shack where guests can register for fitness classes and rent equipment for the beach and pools.

Rental Equipment Includes:

  • Snorkel gear
  • Pool noodles
  • Floats

My husband and I rented pool noodles and had the best time with them in the ocean. These were a popular inclusion from Divi as we saw many guests around us using them, but the shack never ran out and seemed well-equipped. Although some guests took advantage of Divi's snorkel gear, I brought my own because I prefer that.

Day Entertainment

Fitness Classes and Yoga

There are a variety of classes that stimulate the mind and body at Divi Aruba. Classes include yoga, water aerobics, and Zumba. Plus, there are different dance classes offered as well. For those seeking a more group-oriented experience, there are open tennis courts and pool volleyball. Not to mention, there is also an oceanfront gym for exercise.

E-Bike and Snorkel Tour

From Tamarijn every Tuesday and Wednesday, the resort provides an e-bike and snorkel tour. The tours last from 8:30 am - to 12 pm, and guests must sign up beforehand at Tamarijn. The bikes offer pedal assist, which helps in the Aruban heat to reach the snorkel destination. This is the perfect excursion for those seeking adventure on their Divi vacation.

The resort also provides a trip to Aruba’s famous butterfly farm every Thursday. Transportation is provided, but guests must pay the entrance fee.

Rock Climbing Wall

One of the most unique resort activities is the 30’ rock climbing wall at Tamarijn available for guests. The rock wall faces the ocean, offering climbers incredible views once they reach the top. I lacked the upper body strength to attempt it, but it looked like a fun time for guests of all ages.

Spa Services (For an Additional Fee)

Indulgence by the Sea is Divi Aruba’s spa. Their services include massages, body treatments, facials, and manicures and pedicures. Packages are also available for guests seeking several treatments. Prices are on par with standard spa services. It’s a wonderful way to relax on an Aruba vacation.

Golf (For an Additional Fee)

At Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort, there is a 9-hole golf course for visitors to enjoy. The course is stunning and has tee times available throughout each day. Green and equipment fees depend on the season and the choice between playing 9 or 18 holes. Golf lessons are available for beginners, and tournaments for experienced players. Guests can use the free shuttle service from the resort to reach The Links at Divi Village Golf.

Casino (For an Additional Fee)

The Albansbra Casino, a Divi property, is located minutes from the resort. It’s within walking distance but also accessible via the shuttle. If you enjoy gambling, then you’re sure to like the Albansbra. It has tons of slot machines and table games to keep visitors entertained for hours.

Nighttime Entertainment

There was some form of entertainment between the two resorts nightly. Generally, both Divi and Tamarijn had at least one event each per night. Occasionally, several events were happening. The entertainment consisted of either live music or a dance performance. On Thursdays, they also have karaoke and movie night by the pool. Additionally, there is a fire limbo event, which I regrettably missed.

However, I caught two live performances during my five-night stay, and both blew me away. They were local Aruba dance groups that put on an incredible show. The dancers had colorful costumes, some paying tribute to Carnival, energetic MCs and music, and choreographed moves that could rival any stage production. I also loved the event with a DJ and had a blast dancing. Overall, I think Divi Aruba provides a fun mix of entertainment for no additional cost.

Cost of Stay at Divi

The cost during my stay at Divi Aruba per night was $776.70. So, for five nights in February for two adults, the total cost was $3883.50. Of course, February is peak season in Aruba, so it's no surprise that all-inclusive rates were considerably high. These rates are also on par with other Caribbean destinations at this time. Pricing during the low season from September - to mid-December is significantly less expensive, averaging over $500 less for the same duration.

Depending on when you plan to go, Divi occasionally offers discounts with a percentage off or cheaper nightly rates. There are also various packages provided for honeymooners and families. Discounted rates are also sometimes offered through Expedia with a fully refundable cancellation policy.

Hammock on Divi Beach, review of Divi Aruba All-Inclusive.

Customer Service

Concierge Services at Divi:

  • Coordinate transportation
  • Tour reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Help and information
Front desk and concierge services at Divi Aruba All-inclusive Resort.

The customer service was hit or miss across the board during my stay. I found all the bartenders polite and helpful, a few at night even joining in on the fun and singing along with the entertainment. Most of the restaurant's servers and cooks were also friendly to the guests. Except for the cafe, where they were a bit brusque. Plus, the shuttle drivers were an absolute delight. They were kind and always had a joke for us. The shuttle drivers and bartenders stand out for their customer service at Divi.

On the other hand, the front desk and concierge staff were blatantly rude. In one instance where I needed to arrange transportation to the airport, the concierge shouted at my husband and me that she would open in 5 minutes when we approached the counter. We had arrived 15 minutes past the opening, so we were shocked at the outburst considering our time. Everyone runs late sometimes, but it's inexcusable to shout at guests.

There were additional snide comments and unfriendly interactions with the front desk. I know how hard they are all working, but it's no reason to behave rudely toward guests unprompted. Overall, some customer service was stellar, while some were unpleasant.

Activities Outside of Divi Aruba All-inclusive


Aruba is well known for its exceptional shopping areas on the island. The Royal Plaza Mall in downtown Oranjestad is one of the most popular things to do in Aruba due to its mix of eclectic souvenir shops and luxury brand shopping. It's a must-see attraction for its unique architecture, resembling a tiered cake in various pastel shades. The Renaissance Mall next door offers an additional 60 stores worth of shopping. Both are a 5-minute walk from Arubas cruise pier. There's also plenty of shopping in Aruba’s Palm Beach area, including the Palm Beach Plaza Mall.

Arikok National Park

When thinking of Aruba, the first thought that comes to mind probably isn't a national park, but Arikok National Park covers 20% of the island. The park is a wonderland of diverse landscapes, including a rugged coast, mysterious caves, beautiful beaches, and even hills brimming with cacti. Arikok is also home to important cultural sites and a variety of animal species. There are several ways to experience Arikok National Park, from horseback riding to hiking trails to off-road jeep tours. The Conchi Natural Pool is a unique attraction that everyone in Aruba should experience at least once to swim in this naturally formed pool surrounded by volcanic rock. Additionally, the walls of the Fontein Cave are covered in Arawak Indian drawings that let you see a part of history.

Natural Bridge and North Coast of Aruba

The rugged North Coast of Aruba is a picturesque location, with dramatic cliffs, a rocky coastline, and powerful waves. The national park is also on this part of the island, but there are beautiful sites outside the park, including the Gold Mill Ruins, the Alto Vista Chapel, and the famous Natural Bridge. Unfortunately, the original Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005, but the similar-looking Baby Bridge and the ruins of the once-standing bridge still merit a visit. While the coast of Aruba is home to other naturally occurring bridges, Baby Bridge is an unmissable gem.

Natural Bridge in Aruba.

Snorkel Tour

If there's one activity you must do in Aruba, it's without question a snorkel tour. There are countless tours to choose from, but a majority of these tours feature two popular Aruba snorkel sites: the Antilla Shipwreck, and Catalina Bay. Some tours include lunch and champagne. Kids will love the tour aboard a pirate ship cruise. Snorkeling in Aruba, you can expect to see tons of tropical fish, vibrant coral, and possibly even sea turtles.

Other Divi Hotels

1. Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort: Located in Palm Beach, this high-rise hotel offers suites with a kitchen included, and kids under 12 stay for free.

2. Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort: In the low-rise area, not far from Tamarijn, this 3-star resort offers all-inclusive packages and suites to meet all needs.

3. Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort: This resort near Divi Beach is surrounded by a lovely golf course. There are all-inclusive options and shuttle service to nearby Divi properties.

My Overall Rating of Divi Aruba

On a scale of 1-5, I rate Divi: 3/5

Woman in Divi Beach Ocean at Divi Aruba.
The BEST beach!

Would I Stay at Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Again?

I spent a while mulling this question over. The lure of the gorgeous and private feeling beach, delicious included drinks, and large pools tempt me to stay again. Nevertheless, the high-cost rooms lacking more amenities, disappointing meals, and sometimes rude customer service make me reconsider returning. I suppose now I understand both sides of the mixed reviews.

If I was visiting Aruba for a long weekend, I would stay at Divi again. I would also consider returning for a longer stay if the resorts on Manchebo Beach next door were occupied. These resorts are my first choice when I plan to return to Aruba. Still, compared to the crowds and high-rises of Palm Beach, Divi is preferable, especially as a vacation for my mental health. So yes, I would stay again, but it wouldn't be my number one option.

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  • Katie says:

    Thank you so much for your honest review! I have often wondered about Divi and other all-inclusive resorts on smaller islands and how they compare to AI in Mexico, Jamaica or DR. I appreciate your transparency.

    • Jillian says:

      Of course! I saw so many reviews that loved or hated it here, that I wanted to shed light on both sides! I tried not to compare it to the AI resorts in Mexico and Jamaica, but the differences are definitely noticeable.

  • Jenn | By Land and Sea says:

    We golfed at this resort, but I didn't realize it offered all of these other things. Sounds like a great place to stay!

    • Jillian says:

      That's the Links at Divi, it's super close to where I stayed. I didn't get a chance to golf but the course looked lovely!

  • Bob Dunn says:

    Just returned from a week at the Tamarijn All Inclusive. My wife and I ate at all the restaurants of Tamarikn and Divi. Frankly, we enjoyed them all. Even cooking our own meal at the Palm. Fish was very fresh. Appetizers were presented beautifully. We ate at Paparazzi and the Red Parrot twice each. Both times the dud not disappoint. Service was wonderful. Our room was a ground floor unit. We'd walk out of our room and would be immediately on the beach. I would snorkel several times a day. I'm with you in bringing my own gear. A shirt walk (100 yards/meters) we'd walk to the Bunker Bar. A quaint little beach bar right on the water built directly on top of a WWII beach bunker.
    I did golf at the Divi links. It's not cheap but is a fun course.
    We did an excursion to the national park, old gold mine, chaple, California lighthouse.
    I also did on offshore fishing charter catching numerous Bonito.
    We are already missing Aruba and are planning our return trip.

    • Jillian says:

      I'm so glad to hear what an amazing time you had! Taste is definitely subjective, and food experiences vary because of it, but I'm happy you enjoyed them. If I stayed again I would see about a room closer to the beach as Divi Beach is truly stunning. Best beach I've ever had at a resort. In total agreement on the Aruba excursions, truly a magnificent island for a variety of experiences! My husband and I also hope to return to Aruba soon, it's hard not to want to return! Thank you for sharing your experience with me!